About YAWi Athlete

Inspiring positive changes in the world of Pro Sports

Our Mission

YAWi Athlete is committed to boldly changing the game for forward thinking Coaches, Teams and Elite Athletes.

We are catalysts for creating positive change through shifting perspectives, opening doors for effective communication, improving engagement and strengthening team chemistry.

YAWi Athlete strives to inspire a team culture where everyone values themselves and respects the skills, talents and contributions of those around them.

What You Can Expect from YAWi Athlete



You can trust us to act with integrity, treat you with respect and always have your best interests at heart.



We use creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit to change the game with fresh, unexpected solutions.



It’s at the core of everything we do. You matter to us. Encouraging you and your passion sparks our purpose.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is always close by…it’s in our name!

YAWi (pronounced “yow-wee”) is an acronym for “You’re absolutely worth it!”

We believe you are worth the effort it takes to follow your passion and chase your dreams.


"Having good communication skills without truly understanding yourself and those around you, is like being a goalie who can stand on their head but has no rebound control."

- Kelly Smales
CEO & Founder YAWi Athlete Inc.


Meet Kelly

I've seen it time and time again.

Passionate, well intentioned coaches who want the best for their players.  Skilled athletes who want to exceed expectations and contribute every night. Teams willing to do what it takes to go all the way.

Unfortunately passion, skill and motivation aren't enough.

To be successful we need to effectively interact with people. Unfortunately, sometimes our messages are not received as they were intended. This leads to misunderstandings and negativity.

It's important to understand our communication patterns and how they impact others before we can truly connect with those around us.

Until that happens there will be more unnecessary distractions, frustration and lost opportunities.

- Kelly Smales, CEO & Founder

Kelly is an internationally certified and credentialed coach. She is a Certfied Advisor in partnership with HTF and has a passion for working with Coaches, Teams and Athletes

She brings humour and unexpected perspectives as she inspires positive changes in the world of Pro Sports.


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