If your goal is to make an impact and contribute to those around you,

it’s essential to maximize your potential as an individual.

This holds true whether you’re a rookie trying to make your mark, an emerging player hoping to

jump to the next level or a seasoned player considering hanging up the skates.

You want to focus on developing your skills and winning games, not dealing with distractions.

It's frustrating to say the least. 

Wasted time. Wasted energy. Missed opportunities.

Distractions caused by misunderstandings, uncertainty and challenging personalities

prevent you from maximizing your potential and realizing your goals.

We help you stop them before they start. 

Fresh Solutions

3CC Advantage

Navigate diverse personalities with ninja-like capabilities

3CC Pulse Check

Stay on track and gain powerful insights into your progress

YAWi Network

Keep connected with athletes who have been where you are

Private Coaching

One-on-one and semi-private coaching for ambitious athletes


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The 3CC Advantage Program

Our Signature Program helps you be a more effective leader and better relate to your coaches and team mates.
It shifts perspectives, improves engagement and strengthens team chemistry.

The 3CC Advantage Program is designed exclusively for Coaches, Teams and Elite Athletes.

It takes a fresh, yet bold approach to changing the game.

For Athletes

The program starts with a quick 3 minute quiz to identify your natural leadership advantages and communication patterns.

You’ll meet with an internationally Certified Professional Coach and Advisor who will review your results and discuss what they mean.

You’ll walk away feeling more confident in using your natural strengths and how you communicate with those around you.

Key Takeaways

  • Define your top two leadership advantages
  • Understand your communication strengths and how to use them
  • Learn how others see you
  • Recognize potential pitfalls and red flags and what to do about them
  • Understand how your personality affects the team and those around you
  • Realize how it’s the differences that make your team stronger.

The 3CC Pulse Check

The 3CC Pulse check makes it easy to stay on top of your progress and manage your own success.

Using your private dashboard, quickly gain powerful insights into your performance – what’s working well and what is holding you back.

The 3CC Pulse Check is the key to helping you stay focused, build intrinsic motivation, boost engagement and ultimately drive your performance.

How It Works

It starts with our 30 Second Pulse Check which is sent to your phone each week using our YAWi Network App. You’ll answer 3 questions…it literally takes 30 seconds.

Answers are automatically sent to your dashboard where you have a big picture view so you can spot trends. You’ll be able to easily identify which areas need your attention and what doesn’t.

Each month we’ll send you a trend report to help you compare your progress from month to month.

Key Features

  • 30 Second Pulse check survey
  • Push notifications using The YAWi Network App
  • Results automatically sent to your private dashboard
  • Includes custom YAWi Athlete monthly trend report
  • Safe and secure

YAWi Network App

Whether you’re a rookie trying to make your mark, an emerging player hoping to jump to the next level or a seasoned player considering hanging up the skates the YAWi Network App keeps you connected.

Chat with your team, stay in the loop and gain insights from athletes who have been where you are.

The YAWi Network offers private groups so you can confidentially connect with others who can relate to your situation. We offer additional encouragement and coaching for rookies, emerging players and those considering what their next steps will be.

As YAWi Athlete’s official communication app, the YAWi Network can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

How It Works

We set up your profile and give you access to the YAWi Network and Community Group using your email address.

Let us know which community groups you’d like to be a part of and we’ll add you in. Invite your current and past teammates and coaches.

That’s it! Start connecting via group posts or private chat.

Key Takeaways

  • Private and community groups
  • Private resource folders
  • Private and group chats
  • Live stream
  • Safe and secure
  • Push notifications
  • You own your content (unlike What’sApp, Instagram and Facebook)

Private Coaching

We don’t have to explain it to you.

You’ve been working with coaches for years. You know the value of coaching and how it helps you get further, faster.

You know coaches are trained to listen differently, help you see what you might not be able to see yourself, support you to recognize and maximize your potential…and of course, help you achieve your goals.

As a pro athlete you’re getting pressure from a lot of different people and being told what to do most of the time. Your coaches wear many different hats – coach, mentor, teacher, trainer and the list goes on. It’s easy for the lines to get blurred.

We coach differently than they do. When we put on our coaching hat you have our complete attention. Supporting your success, whatever that means for you is our only priority…well, that and making sure you have more fun along the way.

YAWi Athlete coaches are internationally certified and credentialed through the International Coach Federation. We coach according to the ICF competencies and Code of Ethics.

Give us a call today.

Tell us about your goals and let's see if we’re the right coaches to help you achieve them.